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Discover the Power of publicly available information

Reduce risks and make smart decisions



Onboarding a client with a negative reputation and a history of questionable activities may expose your company to the risk of unintentionally facilitating money laundering, potentially jeopardizing the future integrity of your business.

Conducting a thorough media check can unveil any association an individual or organization may have with money laundering, terrorist financing, financial fraud, corruption, bribery, tax evasion, racketeering, organized crime, involvement in scandals, and various other illicit activities.

Conducting manual checks on publicly available information proves to be of limited effectiveness and time-consuming, particularly in the dynamic environment of a rapidly expanding business with a substantial influx of new clients.

Automated solutions, beyond delivering heightened accuracy in results, substantially diminish the occurrence of false positives in the screening process, concurrently streamlining the time required to reach affirmative decisions.

Continual monitoring processes constitute routine examinations conducted by businesses to identify potential risks and threats. The scrutiny of publicly available information forms an integral component of the ongoing customer risk assessment protocol, with the frequency of such checks tailored to align with the assessed risk level of each client.




We are a start-up providing Artificial Intelligence technology that accelerates and automate publicly available information  screening.

We are deeply committed to enabling transparency and clean business practices through the power of automation and Artificial Intelligence technology - less manual work, fewer human errors. 


Our team is dreamers, disruptors, and risk-takers. Those restless souls possessed by a vision for a better world - less financial crimes, more digitalize processes within organizations. Our goal is to promote global transparency and make regulations less onerous.


We use Artificial Intelligence technologies combination: machine learning, natural
language processing, distributional semantics, and full-text information retrieval.


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Fintelligence SIA has signed Contract No.SKV-L-2022/349 (on 12.08.2022) with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on receiving support within the framework of the "Promotion of International Competitiveness", financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Fintelligence SIA has signed Contract No. IZ-L-2020/12 (on 6.03.2020) with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on support for participation in exhibitions and conferences, as well as providing direct visits to a potential investor or business partner abroad in the European Regional Development Fund project "Technology Transfer Program" number

Fintelligence SIA has signed Contract No. MOT-L-2020/23 2 (on 9.09.2020) with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on receiving support for business training for entrepreneurs to improve innovation management capabilities in the European Regional Development Fund project "Innovation Motivation Program" number

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